The Pizza of Tramonti

The Tramonti pizza is a lighter and crispier version of the Neapolitan pizza characterized by an unmistakable taste and excellent digestibility.

The "Pizza di Tramonti" or "Tramonti Pizza" is a type of pizza from Tramonti, a small village located on the Lattari mountains, in the Amalfi Coast.

Tramonti is known for the production of quality wines and cheeses as well as for its ancient tradition in the art of baking.

The history of Tramonti pizza has very ancient origins and is linked to the production of bread in domestic and rural ovens, of which it is still easy to find traces in the farmhouses of the small Amalfi village which, according to some, would have been the actual birthplace of pizza.

The dough of the Tramonti pizza is characterized by simple ingredients - water, salt, flour, and yeast - and by a long leavening process, which can even reach 48 hours, which makes the pizza much lighter and more digestible than the classic Neapolitan pizza, from which it differs by being thinner and crispier and with a lower edge.

Another distinctive element of the Tramonti pizza is the use of fresh and seasonal ingredients, among which the mozzarella fiordilatte cannot be missing.

The Tramonti pizza began to spread in northern Italy from the second post-war period and today, together with the traditional Neapolitan pizza, it is one of the most widespread and appreciated gastronomic specialties in the world.

At Radici it is possible to taste the best Tramonti pizza generously topped with top-quality ingredients and cooked according to tradition, a "soft" cooking at 300/350° for about 3 minutes that gives it a golden appearance and an inimitable crispness.