A selection of the best craft beers to accompany a pizza or a good dish from our kitchen.

Craft Beers

  • Pils2 (5.2% ABV 75cl)

    Long cold maturation, low mineral water, and a non-intrusive bitterness from the hops are the foundation of this recipe, making the beer satisfying yet delicate; perfect for all occasions.

    € 14
  • Lolipa (4.5% ABV 75cl)

    The aromatic hops used impart aromas of citrus, spices, and resin. The contained alcohol content and the bitterness, though present, do not make it harsh, making it a beer that doesn't tire the palate.

    € 14
  • REDvolution (6.7% ABV 75cl)

    In addition to having a significant malt base (sweet notes of honey, dried fruit, toffee, chocolate, and coffee), it has a generous hop component that complements the bouquet with floral and spicy notes.

    € 14

Craft Beers - Orso verde

  • Edenblanche (5% ABV 50cl)

    A top-fermented beer, hazy straw-yellow with a characteristic foam. The combination of malts and the addition of orange peel and coriander during boiling characterize its aroma. On the palate, the careful balance of oat and malted wheat imparts silkiness and a pleasantly refreshing acidic finish.

    € 8
  • Backdoor bitter (5% ABV 50cl)

    A top-fermented beer, amber with a strong character. It develops aromas of pink pepper, cedarwood, and grapefruit on the nose. The entry on the palate is caramelized but quickly progresses towards resinous and herbaceous notes, reminiscent of gentian root and genepy.

    € 8

Other Beers

  • Herrnbrau Hefe Weissbier 50cl

    € 7
  • Ichnusa unfiltered 50cl

    € 6
  • Fohrenburger No. 1 on tap 40cl

    € 6
  • Fohrenburger No. 1 on tap 20cl

    € 4
  • Fohrenburger Dunkley on tap 40cl

    € 6
  • Fohrenburger Dunkley on tap 20cl

    € 4
  • Moretti Zero 33cl

    € 4.5