About Us

A family tradition lasting for more than forty years (and projecting into the future).

"Roots" (Radici) evokes a principle, an origin, a foundation that outlines the path of a story. For us, this name perfectly describes our venue: a place full of affection and memories, where everything began in 1979.

In that year, Raffaele Generale, a young restaurateur from Tramonti, on the Amalfi coast, chose to leave his homeland to move to the city of Busto Arsizio.

Soon, the Generale family became not only a city staple, but a point of reference throughout Varesotto for lovers of good pizza and cuisine, first with the Regina restaurant and then with Il Ciclope.

Today, in a renovated, modern and elegant setting, Giulio Generale, Raffaele's son, assists his father in managing the restaurant, keeping alive the heritage of family values, always focusing on the quality and promotion of local products, but with a younger, modern and dynamic approach.

From the combination of tradition and innovation comes Radici, a pizzeria with a kitchen in the center of Busto Arsizio, where you can taste the best Neapolitan pizza in its Tramonti version. But not only that: Radici is also a restaurant where you can savor excellent seafood and land dishes accompanied by good wine. A perfect venue for both a business lunch and a romantic dinner.